The cv of the Switch Girl

Athina Schmitt, computer science student.

Hello, Nice to meet you here, and welcome in my website.

My name is Athina and I am looking for an internship for 3 months
From May, 19th 2016 to Mid-August or End-August 2016.

I am in Bachelor's degree MIAGE at University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (computer science is the major) in French Riviera, France.

I did this e-CV because I wish to learn another ways to work and enjoy it in a foreign company (and discover another country and enhance my english everyday !)

To well begin this section called "About me", let's discover my gradutions.

MIAGE of University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis - Undergraduate

I am currently in first year in MIAGE (Bachelor's degree). MIAGE is a Master of Business Informatics (MBI) is a postgraduate degree in Business Informatics (BI). BI programs combine information technology (IT) and management courses and are common in central Europe.

Computer science DUT - Graduated

DUT is a technical degree in two years. I learnt a lot of different stuffs in this formation.
Java was the language of the reference, I did a lot of object-oriented programming couple with UML. I also did a lot of projects in web programming courses with PHP, MariaDB, Javascript, HTML and AJAX. With all of these, my formation brought me a strong knowledge in network and I apply it with C and Unix envirnomment.

Nonetheless, I could enhance my non-programming skills with communication, accounting, law, projects management and mathematics.


As you can see later, all my experiences are in web. I really enjoyed work with CMS and did some HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.
But I wish I could have my next internship in some object-oriented programming project because (I am so in object-oriented conception !) I am still young and I want to try differents kinds of ways to work with computer science before choose my speciality in my last MBA year.

Website - MTA International and Bilingual Nusery and Primary School (from October 2015)

MTA School is a new nursery and primary school built in Mfou, Cameroun to educate poor children and bring to them a good luguage to begin in their lives.
As a mixed girl, I am strongly committed in this kind of cause, so I am implementing a website for them as a volunteer.
I also created a page to collect donations if you want to participate.

Internship - CCI Nice Côte d'Azur - Nice (April 2015 to September 2015)

To obtain my technical degree, I did an internship at CCI Nice Côte d'Azur, more precisely, at the department of management ports which concerns ports of : Cannes, Golfe-Juan, Nice and Villefranche-sur-Mer.
I worked as Webmaster and Developper with Drupal.
I use my training in webmarketing to develop an SEO tool dedicate to the main website called Taggest which purposes to the user some keywords according to the text entered in the form and also keywords in the same theme according to the word entered in the form. I implemented it with PHP, Python and AJAX.

Professional Training - JK Referencement - Nice (July 2015)

During my internship at CCI Nice Côte d'Azur, I had the luck to participate at this SEO company professional training. I learnt a lot of information about SEO and how people look for pages and use their search engine.

Website and Maintenance - Mullygraph - Monaco (from July 2014 to August 2014)

Mullygraph is a creation studio form design to implement a client's project in all supports : papers, panels , print, websites.
I worked as a webdesigner/webdevelopper, I did 2 websites with Wordpress and work with Prestashop.

Website - Exoticadanse - Nice (from November to December 2013)

Exoticadanse is a french entertainement company with beautiful handmade costumes which entertains from Nice to Jersey or Hong Kong.
Their website is my first professional work, I did it with Wordpress. I still update and maintain it when it needs.

Hardware and Training - A.A.D.I.C.C. - Nice (since 2012)

Since my 17, I am a volunteer in this association which helps new immigrants in France to better integrate themselves in the country.
I am strongly commited in immigrants'integration.
So, I provide with my skills to this association and its cause.
I mount computers, maintain them, train another volunteers to use Office Pack.
To enhance its visibility, we plan to implement a website.

A brief sum up of what I can do for you

What languages I can speak

My projects

These projects were realized during my two years within the IT DUT(Two-year Technical Degree) of University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis.


Gadi is the digital porterage of the system of validation of absences of the University Institute of Technology (IUT) which was usually made on paper.

My role : Leader and developper of the student and design parts.


Kaikei is an on-line tool of accounting realized in the course of advanced web programming.

My role : Leader and developper.

Pompe simulator 2014

Pompe Simulator 2014 is a project realized in the course of management of the information systems. You can choose your role (Customer, employee, or managing) and follow the instructions to feign at best your corresponding actions(shares).

My role : Leader and developper of the customer and design parts.

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